Error Enabling View Connector in Horizon Suite

Going through the first installation and configuration of Horizon Suite in the lab, and hit a problem I thought I’d share out the fix for…

When doing the “Enable View Servers” configuration…got an error saying:

“Error while saving view pool sync configuration.  To enable View pools, verify that the userPrincipalName is a required attribute and perform a directory synchronization”


Where do I set that?  Strange error message as it doesn’t really spell out WHERE the setting needs to be. (If had paid attention, I would have seen that as an option during the initial Horizon Configuration Wizard…


Well, you have to login to the Connector-VA admin console to fix this if you missed this the first time…


Click on the User Attributes tab…and select “required” next to userPrincipalName and hit save.


Go back to the Workspace Setup Wizard and click on “Sync”…done.