In the Home Lab…Horizon Workspace and View

Working on all of the upgrades to Horizon View 5.2 and also messing around with Horizon Workspace in the lab. Very cool stuff. One thing I’m hoping to configure for demo is how to get to Horizon Workspace externally (to the Gateway Machine) AND still have access to VIEW externally as well. Not so much of a problem if you have a bunch of externally accessible IP addresses to work with….but…what if you don’t?

Is there a way for Horizon Workspace to proxy the connection to the View Connection Server? I can sign in to HW and launch my desktops using the blast protocol, but the URL changes to the VIEW security server for the desktop to actually launch.



The poor-man’s solution is to use NAT to do this, and change the external port for Horizon, and use the router to redirect it to the right port…ok…that will work…but it’s not “elegant”…but then again…neither is working with a single IP address.

Thoughts and comments?