The company you keep…vExpert 2013

Wow…mom always warned me about the company that I keep…and how associating with the wrong folks might not work out so well…now…to be included in the 2013 vExpert program, is such an honor and a privilege that I don’t think she’d mind. (Well, she doesn’t know some of you like I do).

The list of vExperts for 2013 contains some of the best and brightest in the VMware ecosystem, and among them are a great group of EMC-Family represented here as well.  Congratulations to all those in the vExpert 2013 program.

I’m really grateful to be included this year, and now I need to live up to the task at hand every day and do what makes this community so great…share it.

For more info on the vExpert program, check out this link:

Thank you, jim