Love Syncplicity…but… (aka “stop filling my drive”)

So…I’m pretty vocal about how much I love Syncpllicty. Whether I’m on my Mac Air, my VDI Desktop, iPad, Phone, or just on the Web…I have access to all of my files (aka “junk”). Another cool feature of Syncplicity is the ability to share folders with others…inside or outside the company. This has the effect of creating ad-hoc file shares for teams that get created and don’t have NAS file shares on the company network…or some other place to drop files or (“junk”) to share with each other.

This is hugely functional in that everyone on a team can have pretty instant access across multiple devices to the shared content. And it isn’t that hard to do, so it’s not just the Techies who are using the solution. I have to say that it’s the first app I installed on my Mac when I got it…and probably the most useful.

So…is there a downside…well…I’d have to say that there are some things that I have to figure out how to work around…let’s call these “unintended consequences”

First…and this one is pretty obvious coming from a guy who works for a storage company…I have 3 copies of my data synchronized to my various devices. Oh, and that’s not counting the version of the data that is stored on the cloud…so that’s 4x the storage. hmmmm…..not bad…if you sell storage 😉

Second…and here’s the one that has a greater impact on my life these days…remember how I mentioned that teams can create these ad-hoc shares for each other. Well…some of those folks have desktops with large hard drives…and really don’t need to “watch thier weight” but then there are others (like me) who have laptops with puny drives (when did 128gb become puny?) and I cringe every time I see the popup notification that Syncplicity has just downloaded new files.

One of my folders surged this week to over 1.3gb when team members started uploading video content and other archive material to the share. There is a rememdy…i can choose NOT to sync those folders…or even to excluded some of the content in those folders from the workstations where I have a space crunch. But that’s a pain to manage….I guess…since I haven’t tried that yet…but I’m sure I’ll have to go there soon.

Lastly…I think the last issue that we’ll see soon is around the retention of stale data.  Need some form of archive or cleanup at some point to clean up the “stuff” that has aged.

But until then…I have access to my files…anytime I need them…on all my devices…and I can share them with anyone I want. Very cool…and the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks…for now.