Google Takeout….it’s your stuff, right?

No, it’s not a new service from Google to order lunch.

Think about all of the data of yours that ends up at Google these days.  Blogs, Contact lists, Docs and Spreadsheets in Drive.  How about your Photos?  Is it all stuck there?  Will I ever be able to get my stuff BACK?

Google Takeout

Google Takeout

I used Flickr for a long time, but switched all of my pictures over to Picasa a while back, and now, that’s pretty much been transitioned into Google+ Photos.

With some pretty cheap storage plans, I can push all of my pictures up to the web, add all my tags and stuff, and share them with my family.  But one of the problems with the cloud is that it has the potential to be a one-way street.  Hotel California for my pictures…but they are mine, are they stuck there?

Enter Google Takeout.  Pretty cool service from the Googlers that lets you backup your data from their list of services.   Absent from the list seems to be Gmail…but we can pull that out with Pop or IMAP clients when the need arises. To use the service, go to and there you can select the services that you’d like to archive locally.  Once you have the selection, click on the “create archive” link, and in a few minutes, you’ll have a pile of .zip files ready to download with all of your data to be stored locally.