And a child is born…no…wait…it’s an update to the EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

hybrid-cloud-2014Here it comes…a refresh to the EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud, Federation SDDC Edition….or EHC for short.

EMC is releasing an update, versioned 2.5.1 on the 19th of December, and while this update doesn’t revolutionize the solution, it certainly continues to solidify both customer interest in the solution, as well as the continued investment from both EMC and VMware.

This is the third release of EHC over the last year…and it keeps getting better everytime…read on…

Some background…EHC is a solution for Hybrid Cloud built by EMC and VMware to help customers accelerate the time it takes to deploy a cloud environment and start actually USING it.  It’s based on the premise that customers are looking for ways to deploy IT resources faster, and on their own schedule.  The solution also exposes several integrations with EMC services, such as backup, replication, and high availability directly to the users requesting the new services.

Some examples of how this helps right from the self-service catalog…

  • Developers can…
    • Deploy test and dev environments, using pre-built application stacks, on-demand
    • Create and delete new QA environments at any time of the day or night
    • Create Hadoop clusters for big-data analytics
  • Business and Application managers can…
    • Deploy complex multi-tier applications simply from a service catalog
    • Request new backup polices to be added to the available list for easy selection
    • View cloud consumption and usage details, and perform comparisons of on-prem and public cloud cost models BEFORE deploying new applications
    • Build complex applications built on templates and services
  • Cloud Administrators can…
    • Add storage from pre-defined pools easily into the on-premise cloud
    • Approve requests made by cloud users according the customer defined policies
    • Transparently add public-cloud capacity to the hybrid cloud

ehc-solutionSo…what’s NEW for this maintenance release…

This release updates foundation components including VMware vRealize Automation (vCAC), EMC ViPR for XtremIO support, and data protection improvements.

Details for the six main features of this release include:

  1. XtremIO support.  ViPR storage provisioning in EHC will support XtremIO.  (DR/VPLEX will be supported in future release)
  2. VMware vRealize Automation v6.1.  v6.0 will be upgraded to v6.1 for all use cases.
  3. EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud upgrades.  Procedures will enable EHC to be upgraded from v2.5 to v2.5.1.  This must be done by EMC Professional Services.
  4. Multi-VM application data protection.  When creating multi-VM application blueprints, data protection will be an available as an option.
  5. Backup policy preservation after site disasters.  All backup features will be saved and available after failover to remote site.
  6. Database RPO options.  Databases will now have options for RPO’s as well as exposure to multiple luns.  Available for administrators during blueprinting and end-users during provisioning.

Want to learn more about the solution from the source…check out the links below to the official solution guide and as always at the EMC Community…

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