What’s EMC doing with Hybrid Cloud?

EHC LogoEMC and the Federation have been working on Private & Public cloud offerings for a while now, and the solutions are really beginning to mature.  The Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud (EHC for short) is the solution that brings together the best of EMC and VMware technology and services to help customers get to the cloud, quickly.  How does this happen?  And why should you care about this? 

Let’s start with a quick comparison…

vBlock tripleIf you been around the EMC and VMware ecosystem over the last few years, you’re aware of the VCE Vblock.  The Vblock is an engineered solution, that’s pre-built in a factory and delivered to your datacenter, ready to start deploying workloads to.  They come in few different shapes and sizes, and each one has some options you can tweak to make it fit your needs.

It’s not just a bunch of parts assembled in the factory.  There’s a lot of engineering that goes into the Vblock development cycles.  The value prop of the Vblock is that you get it fast, it just works, and they come with enhanced integration and support.

  • Agility:  I get the new infrastructure in 45 days
  • Lowered Risk:  Validated integration, One-Call support,  and a tested and validated update processproduct_data_sheet0900aecd80543f46-1

Another example of an engineered solution that most of us have marveled at is the Cisco Telepresence Suite.   The TP suite is designed to bring groups of people together from diverse locations and does a great job of making you feel like you are in the same room as the folks who could be on the other side of the world.

Both of these are solutions built to solve a problem.  In both cases, they are made up of parts that you can go buy on your own and assemble.  You could also pay someone to build and integrate something similar.  The question that VCE and Cisco would ask you is WHY?  They do the work for you. They support it when it breaks.  They write software to make it better than the sum of it’s parts.  Their customers love these solutions for the results or the outcomes that they get.

 What’s that got to do with Cloud?

The Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud (we’ll call it EHC for the rest of this blog) is EMC’s answer to getting customers to a Hybrid Cloud faster, and with less risk.  Sound familar?  With many of the same value props that you’d find in the VCE and Cisco solutions, EHC is all about getting you a functional hybrid cloud, where you can begin to deploy IaaS workloads fast.  The EMC services teams have optimized this process down to a short architecture and design service, followed by a quick implementation.   In most cases, we’re talking about 28 days.

So…in just 28 days…what do you get?


The Infrastructure as a Service model that the EHC Foundation solution supports out of the box and the value props above are what make the EMC solution so compelling.  28 days to a functional IaaS portal, integrated with storage, backup, and monitoring.

That’s what EMC is doing with hybrid cloud.

I’m sure you have some questions

  • Why would I want a hybrid cloud? -> LINK
  • What does it do out of the box? -> LINK
  • What’s in it?
  • Does it HAVE to go on a new Vblock, or can I reuse existing hardware or licenses?
  • What can I add to it?  Will it still be supported?
  • What if I don’t fit into this neat box?
  • Do I HAVE to use NSX?

Want to learn more about the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud and all the other cool things EMC is doing with cloud, check out http://www.emc.com/cloud.

-jim (@thesanzone)

Full Disclosure:  I work for EMC and am part of the Cloud Solutions Technical Marketing team.  Just trying to spread the word.